Pros and Cons of Gallbladder Removal Surgery

The gall bladder is a very important organ when it comes to helping with our digestive system. However, the gall bladder is not a required organ for the body to continue functioning so if you need a gall bladder removal you will be fine afterward. Fat intakes through our body needs to be digested properly but unfortunately fat cannot dissolve correctly in water so our gall bladder helps it to absorb through the intestinal wall. An essential factor that plays a big role in this process is bile, which consists of substances that help emulsify fats. It will also help to stimulate the secretions of the enzymes that are needed to help breakdown the fat so it can be digested properly. The liver can secrete the bile but it is stored inside the gall bladder until it’s needed.

If you consume too much fat it will over stimulate the gall bladder causing it to contract sending bile to the intestine. If the gall bladder becomes diseased it will require a gall bladder removal which can be the only cure for severe and large gallstones. Symptoms of a gall bladder attack usually include moderate to severe abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, fever, yellowish of the eyes and skin from being jaundice, heart burn, diarrhea, constipation and indigestion.

Gall stones have increasingly grown common among those who eat out a lot or junk food because it’s convenient but also high in fat and very greasy. Gall stones can be very painful and if they do not dissolve on their own they will need a gall bladder removal in order to stop the pain. The pro of having the removal done helps to ease the pain and the symptoms which will eventually allow you to be able to resume your life as normal. However, as with any surgery there may be complications afterward which you did not plan on happening.

Surgery for Gallbladder Removal might not stop the pain

For example the pain after the gall bladder removal may actually be worse than before and you need to follow a strict gallbladder diet plan. If you work or go to school you may need to take additional time off while you heal. There are two different ways for the gall bladder removal to take place which includes laser surgery which is very minimal and leaves only a small incision. It also has a quicker healing time versus having to have the larger surgery which means you will be completely opened up and have a much larger incision. The healing time for this surgery is much longer than the laser surgery. Aside from a longer healing time you may experience increased heartburn, indigestion and weight gain because you no longer have the organ that is needed to break down your fat and digest it properly.

Talking to your doctor about gallbladder removal is the best course of action if you are unsure

Choosing whether or not to have a gall bladder removal should not be taken lightly. Always ask questions and discuss any concerns with your doctor. In some cases a gall bladder removal cannot be avoided and should be done immediately. In other cases you do have a decision and should only do what you think is best for your body.