Symptoms of Gallbladder Attack

The gallbladder is an organ that can be removed at anytime if it becomes irritated or infected with gallstones which can cause excruciating pain. A gallbladder can also develop cancer or polyps which would require it be removed right away. A gall bladder disease occurs when it stops functioning properly and the gallstones prevent the body from passing bile. Once gallstones appear this is considered an attack which would also require the gallbladder to be removed to stop the pain. There can be different symptoms of gall bladder attack. Unfortunately many of the symptoms of an attack are similar to those of stomach viruses or have a cold.

You could be having symptoms of gallbladder attack and not even know it. This is because the pain that occurs may be mild to moderate and the pain that normally shows up in the abdominal area could also be linked to other illnesses such as appendix, urinary tract infection and stomach viruses. Other common symptoms of gall bladder attack may include but not limited to nausea, diarrhea, severe back pain, heartburn, indigestion, constipation, vomiting, inability to breathe deeply, belching, and bitter fluid buildup after eating. Many of these symptoms are often mistaken for other illnesses or something as simple as indigestion. Normally symptoms of gall bladder attack mean that you need to make an appointment to see your doctor within a couple of days of noticing the symptoms but if you begin running a fever along with the symptoms then you need to seek medical attention right away because it can be at a dangerous stage.

The doctor will ask you for a list of your symptoms of gall bladder attack and how long you have noticed the symptoms. If the gall bladder is just acting up and can be treated you will be released to go home. However, if it’s to the point that your symptoms of gall bladder attack means that you have gallstones or an infection you will need to have it removed as soon as possible. Depending on how bad the stones and your symptoms are the doctor may wait a couple of days to do the surgery which will allow you to make arrangements for work and other normal life duties. However, if the stones are really bad and the symptoms of gall bladder attack is extreme they will want to remove it as soon as possible. They will usually admit you to the hospital, put an IV and give you medication to put you to sleep during the procedure do you don’t feel any pain. The surgery is usually done by laser which leaves only a small incision and allows you to return to work within just a few days of having the operation.

When you have symptoms of gall bladder attack they should always be reported to your doctor as soon as possible so he can determine if you need to be evaluated. gall bladder’s can cause serious problems to your health if not treated properly so never ignore any symptoms of gall bladder attack.